Live Phone Sessions and Real-Time Texting

Are you on the old fashioned side or can you just not handle me staring you down? No matter, my voice alone is more than enough to keep you in line.


My phone lines are usually open while I am on cam. For a Domination session call the Femdom Line. If you're a pervy voyeur my Ignore Line may afford you the opportunity to listen to someone else's show, or it could be me going about my business and ignoring you like the nothing that you are. Either way you're lucky I picked up!


Great news for all you pay piggies out there, you can get a live cam show while being on the phone with me at the same time. All the better to slowly drain your wallet! Remember to pick up some videos on the way out, piggy!

For the addict in need of a quick fix I'm generous enough to have texting in place. You can beg for a task, a daily reminder that your life is meaningless, or just experience the thrill of seeing your phone light up with a message from me. If you thought you were attached to you phone before, you have no idea what awaits you. 

Click here to get started.